The Installation Process

CNC Router into Wood.jpg
Resin Wood.jpg

Create a Wood Pocket

CNC or Router a precise pocket into the wood for embedding the electronics.

Install Electronics

Place the designed electronics into the pocket underneath the wood.

Resin Electronics in Place

We use a heat dissipating resin to lock all the electronics in place while still providing structural support.

Phone Wireless Charger

You now have a working 10w wireless charger embedded into a wooden top.



The concept of furniture was developed as early as 3100-2500 B.C, since then not much has changed. Developed in 2019, TechTables is bringing the 21st century to furniture.

We embed wireless cellphone chargers into wooden tops - side stands, coffee tables, counter tops, etc...

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Get TechTables to upgrade your furniture

We embed wireless phone chargers, wireless watch chargers and USB outlets


Bedside Stands

15w Fast Wireless Chargers

5w USB Outlets

2.5w Applewatch Chargers

Custom Electronic Designs

Bar Counters

Multiple 15w Wireless Chargers

Multiple 5w USB Outlets

9v or 230v Power Supply


Conference Room

Multiple 15w Wireless Chargers
Multiple 5w USB Outlets
230v Sockets
LAN Cable Sockets
Custom Electronic Designs

Other Furniture

We do custom electronic designs

on all furniture types


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